Underground Food Series


All across America, some of the best food around is being made underground. Off the grid. Outside the rules and regulations. And we’re on a mission to find it.

Underbelly is the provocative unscripted series that dares take you inside the secret world of America’s new underground food trade. Unpasteurized cheese, “illegal” sausage, wild yeast breads—this is food born of passion, crafted by culinary outlaws working outside the system to create authentic eats you just gotta taste to believe. So, we’re tracking down these unreal eats, putting ‘em on a food truck, selling ‘em on the street and getting out of town—all before the authorities wise up. Get ready to uncover the intricate web of world-class chefs, paranoid dealers, and foodies in need of a gourmet fix. They are the Underbelly.

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